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    “Oh, fine,” he replied.”Oh, there…” was all she managed, and then she was nearly screaming. I slathered all over her pussy lips and clit as she came, her soft, young body trembling around me, her moans flowing like one continuous noise out of the back of her throat while she orgasmed.We had known them as a couple for over five years. Kent and I go back more than ten, from our service in the Army together. Flirting had always been a regular part of our relationship with Kent and Janet. Early on it had been just playful words and occasional touching. After a year or so, kissing upon greeting and parting became normal. Once, after a bit of drinking, we even played strip poker. I enjoyed this as much as the others, though nothing more than getting naked happened. Then about two years ago, they inadvertently discovered we had a little secret:Read More »

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    “Because you’re smart,” Elly husked, leaning in and kissing Ia’s neck. “You’re strong.” She climbed up, kissing Ia’s cheek. “And you can resist all of this, right?” The paintbrush playfully danced up Ia’s belly to Ia’s lips, and Ia’s heart almost stopped with even this small relief.”You just drank a gallon of my come, and you’re still thirsty?” Kent asked, incredulously.”Well, if she agrees, you two come to my house at 8:00 tonight.””Yes, you do. But I get it. You have to put on the show.”

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